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Our sponsors and streetwear providers Urban Species are one of the most renowned urban cloths labels in the UK. Especially famous for their Marvel Comic Art, they stock independent, exclusive brands from all over the world and also give independent designers in the UK a platform to sell and promote their wear.

An up & coming arts & customized clothing label. At the forefront of it all Helen has made the artistic label what it is today.

A site of mass awareness in the underground scene where you can find everything from trainers, entertainers, latest street wear, graffiti art & loads more info on the underground scene.

(We have worked with Caledonian Pipers on a Nike fashion show in Edinburgh-Scotland) Caledonia Pipers offer a wide range of bagpipe music that can be personally tailored to your event, whether it's the upbeat celebration of a Wedding, special party or corporate event.

One of the latest ways to getting fit is in the form of break-dancing. The UK’s Finest is at hand to provide you with the foundations of break-dancing right up all the way to the most advanced break-dancing skills. This is the first official break-dancing school to be established in the UK.

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