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Clients requirements and requests can be dealt with individually. Information on services provided below is just advice on what X-treme Street can do for clients who may not have a specific idea in mind for their campaign or event.

What we provide:
    • Effective impact full ideas in promoting the clients brand through our x-treme street performers
    • Suggestions or a list of ideas of what performers can be used in a particular campaign. This is according to what and who the campaign is targeted at
    • A structured plan for how which performers would be ideal for a specific campaign.
    • Specific time layout of performances relating to what message needs to be projected (as sometimes lengthy performances maybe boring to watch)
    • Detailed information on the impact of what different performers have on different age groups, onlookers and watching audiences.
What we provide:
    • Professional performers who have already been a part of a number of ad-campaigns
    • Information on different performers skills level accompanied by a brief history and pictures of performers suggested or requested for
    • A professionally experienced coordinator for any campaign, who can oversee what the performer is doing and advise the performer what to do in accordance with the specific tv advertisement or photo shoot.
    • Advice on what props can be used by different performers
What we provide:
    • A list of what kind of guerilla marketing approaches and techniques can be used in accordance with the client’s brand, product or service
    • A brief of what kind of x-treme street performers and their skills can be used in different types of guerilla marketing techniques
    • Information and statistics on the impact a certain performer and their performance would have on a certain age group
    • Information of what props and equipment maybe used by x-treme street performers in a campaign
    • Suggestions on what type of clothing can or can’t be used by different types of performers
What we provide:
    • “Wow” factor performances for any product or service launch
    • From experience of launching a wide range of products, from cars to beers, a descriptive or picture plan of the proposed performance at the launch
    • Advice on what types of performances maybe impact full to the watching audience depending on what type of products or service being launched. That is if an idea has not been drawn up already by the client
    • Advice on stage layouts according to the different performers used for the launch, this is to bring out the “wow” factor within the launch
What we provide:
    • A fully structured and detailed performance layout for the store opening’s big moment
    • Specific performers according to the type of store launch ….(eg) flair artists for restaurants and football freestylers for sports footwear stores
    • Advice of what techniques performers use and have used to attract people to new stores
    • Performers who have the ability to attract people and potential customers to the newly opened store that is within a half mile-mile radius from where the performer is performing
What we provide:
    • A range of performers and their skills specific to the type of market the client is targeting
    • Ideas in which performers can demonstrate the sturdiness of certain features of the vehicle(s)
    • A suggested list of apparatus and props that can be added to or around the vehicles in order to maximize the performers full performance potential on and around the vehicles
    • A detailed drawn up floor plan for the show or the launch including the total time of the performance and props that maybe used by the specific performers
What we provide:
    • Performers according to clients requests and requirements
    • Information and pictures of what selected performers can do according to clients inquiry
    • An experienced and professional coordinator OR stunt coordinator that can accompany the performer at the shoot and give advice to the client on what can or cannot be done by the performer
What we provide:
    • Professional and experienced to the extreme sports industry
    • Coverage of particular events that x-treme street performers are involved in
    • Professional editing of film or photographs from a particular event or campaign according to clients style and requests
    • Fully presentable DVD of the footage from a particular campaign or event
    • Fully presentable photographic presentation on disk or album if required by photographer from the event or campaign
What we provide:
    • X-treme Street Performers for weddings, Christmas parties, business parties, exhibitions, conferences, celebrity parties, bar Mitzvah’s, Bat mitzvah’s, kids parties and charity events
    • Entertainers for reception areas as well as for main events entertainment all according to clients preference and theme of event
    • A layout of what performers will and can do throughout the event/function
    • Suggested ways on how the different entertainers can engage the events attendees into participating with the entertainers
    • Details on the number of performers that might suite a specific event
    • Length of performances and number of performances throughout the event.
    • Information of what props might enhance a specific performers performance
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