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Have followed in the footsteps of the Harlem Globe Trotters in Showing their dribbling & dance skills using their bodies and the basketball

Using a football the tricksters can display skills that not even world-class football players can. Audiences are enthralled by the length of time the ball is kept up how many WOW factor skills the tricksters have to show.

From solo performances to a group shows displaying all kinds of physical movements and maneuvers. Defining gravity is what acrobats do best and displays of tumbling, balancing and flexibility skills will leave audiences gob smacked.

Drawn from many different disciplines, a number of competitive martial artists have turned to performing and entertaining. Styles and skills have been mixed together to show a variety of combinations either freestyle or choreographed.

Providing amazing staged shows mainly choreographed to Hip-hop music, the street dance crews define the meaning of choreography. Performance pieces can be put together according to environment, setting, atmosphere or targeted audience.

They are the guys behind the bars that put all those normal bar tenders to shame, showing skills of juggling, spinning and freestyle. These guys and girls entertain you to the max while you wait for your drink or cocktail.

Amazingly popular in the 1980's break-dancer have re-emerged within the past 5 years hitting the mainstream not only in entertainment again but also in fashion! Showing off of footwork, floor movements and power moves to break beats. Break-dancers can also perform to or with musicians who play jazz, classic, rock and recently even opera.

The latest craze on the street & urban environments of the world is the art form called Parkour OR Free running. Craze brings about competition but the big difference is X-treme Street has a high level of reputation for providing “REAL ENTERTAINERS” for major events.

The Parkour artists OR Free runners that we provide have had much more experience in the entertainment world than the rest of the up & coming Parkour & Free running troupes who still treat the much respected art form just as “an art form.”

Whether it is on flat land or around an obstacle course BMX & skateboard freestylers have been seen performing tricks around the streets for many years. Only recently has the commercial world seen and taken the potential of these freestylers talents in promoting & enhancing their companies names at various shows, exhibitions, functions and openings.

Like any of X-treme Streets specialized performers these BMX & skateboard freestylers will create an instant buzz amongst onlookers wherever they may be.

Perform a friendly non-contact battle that is traditional to Brazil. A slowly becoming very popular art form that shows agility, flexibility and is an amazing crowd attraction activity. Usually dressed all in white the both female & male artists perform non-contact kicks and acrobatic movements in pairs.

Usually seen by many people as crazy guys who make odd vocal noises using their lips, cheeks, tongues & mouth.

Little do people know about beat boxers, but some of the top beat boxers of the world have worked alongside & even produced world distributed music with major vocal artists. Beatboxers have the ability to hold mass crowds attentions & keep them entertained without even saying a word.

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