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Case Studies

Formula 1 World Championship Grand Prix - Bahrain - Feb’06

X-treme Case Study:
For the first F1 grand prix of the season a break-dance team was called upon to perform alongside a trio orchestra group, to entertain the mass crowds attending the first F1 Grand Prix race of the season in the hot Bahraini climate for 4 days. Both break-dancers & trio had not done anything like it before. Crowd involvement with the performers was also a request by client.

A group of four break-dancers choreographed eye catching routines and rehearsed with the orchestra trio before going out to Bahrain. The break-dancers wore F1 branded t-shirts and performed 10min sets both with the orchestra and also separate freestyle sets around the F1 crowds eating and entertainment area. There was also a lot of interacting with members of the audiences by bringing them up on stage and teaching them a few dance moves.

The entertainment by the break-dancers was watched by over 10 000 people who passed through the entertainment and eating area at one of the worlds most prestigious racing events.

Footlocker – (Cardiff) - May’06 (Store Opening)

X-treme Case Study:
Footlocker Cardiff required some crazy activities for 1 day both to draw people to their newly opened store and also to create a frenzy outside the actual store. Besides the request for street activities a stretch hummer limo, huge inflatable footlocker “striper” and trainer winning competition were other attractions that were used to create maximum awareness of the store opening

3 Acrobatic break-dancers and 2 basketball freestylers were assigned to the Store Opening activities along with a promotional flyer handing out team. Even though the rain persisted the whole day, it was never a dull moment for the X-treme Street crew who created awareness by doing tricks on and around the stretch Hummer Limo on the streets and also in the cordoned off area that was in front of the new shop.

The street and outside shop activities attracted around 5000 people to the store despite the miserable weather, recording the biggest day of sales since opening.

Jeddah International Motorshow - Nov’06

X-treme Case Study:
A launch of 3 new vehicle brands: Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep. Highly energized 5 min performances were requested using the new vehicles to liven up the motor show punters at the 3 day event.

The launch of the new Dodge Caliber & Jeep in the Saudi Arabian region was done by 2 of the UK’s craziest freestyle acrobats showing their acrobatic & break-dance skills on, over and around the cars. Using a 5 min sound track to perform to created a HUGE frenzy of people around the cars and practically causing so much of a hype that other neighboring exhibitors were not amused.

The performances created a crowd within 2 mins and the watching client was overly impressed bringing maximum attraction to the stand. Enthusiastic crowds waiting for next show’s to start.

Reebok Fashion Show - Dec'06

X-treme Case Study:
A couple of freestyle footballers to be incorporated into a fashion show launching some of Reebok’s new sports kit for 2007 at the the Novotel Hotel in Hammersmith, London.

Rehearsals took place prior to the event so freestylers could get accustomed to the environment. Two of X-treme Street’s Football freestylers performed amongst the catwalk models and kept the fashion show’s catwalk alive with their keepy uppy skills, wearing the new kit displaying its style and comfort.

The movement of the new kit was displayed by the footballers doing their individual skills. Showing the watching audience a variety of skill in the to be newly launched Reebok kit.

Dubai Shopping Festival – Dec-Jan'07

X-treme Case Study:
To be part of the Christmas festivities in the newly opened Dubai Festival City Shopping Mall in the heart of Dubai

A group of 4 acrobatic break-dancers were also joined by a number of other circus acts to liven up the crowds before & after the Christmas period. It was certainly a month to remember, as most of the crew had not spent Christmas Day & New Years Day working before. Interacting in their performances kids and adult volunteers who wanted to learn a few acrobatic dance movements.

Fully entertained shopping assistants and unforgettable performances were talked about weeks after the team had left Dubai

Selfridges (Manchester) - Oct'07

X-treme Case Study:
Request for a group of martial arts looking acrobats dressed in black to run around the store and entertain the store clients as they were shown around the various departments. A variety of other entertainers were in other departments.

4 freestlye acrobats were dressed up all in black as a guide with a group of people would come by the department which was in pitch darkness only with a couple of spot lights in specific areas. The acrobatic break-dancers then came out of the shadows one by one to show off their skill and do a group performance at the end of the 5min then proceed back into the darkness.

A number of amused yet startled people as they watched the performances that were pounced upon them out of the darkness.

Apple i-phone - Nov'07

X-treme Case Study:
To entertain people in the long queues whilst they were waiting for the launch of the new i-phone at various O2 stores around the country.

A group of 4 entertainers 1-football freestyler, 1 street magician and 2 street break-dancers warmed the crowds of people up in the cold November night with their individual skills. Wearing O2 and i-phone branded kit performers went along various sections of the queues and performed for the patiently waiting customers. Also interacting with members of the public by pulling them out of the queue to join in on certain occasions.

The wait to get their hands on the new i-phone wasn’t so long as the customers were treated to a number of world-class performances.

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